How to Design My Room?

Life would be so much peaceful if after a long tiring day you can come into a titivated nest, a room where serenity embraces you and calmness plays around you. Each of us longs for a space where disturbance, irritation that we accumulate inside us throughout the day just gets vanished. A well designed, well decorated room is the foremost shell that can provide us the comfort that we long for the whole day. Often it becomes tough for the people to hire a reputed designer to sketch and accomplish the task of decorating their rooms as well as house.

But that does not mean that you have to live in an ordinary room that never allures you to come back to home early. You can also make beautiful room with little patience and toil and the omniscient search engine are here to help you by providing all the essential knowledge, tools as well as materials.

What should be the primary step while you will sit to design your own room?

Now let’s start our journey from accumulating idea over the decoration of your bedroom, you might get surprised that why I am starting the journey from the most inner space of the house instead of the drawing room which is the foremost space that come into the speculation of the guests. The reason is quite simple; I am implying priority over our own satisfaction, not for the world. Design your own room in accordance to your contentment; your room should be the mirror of your thought and stipulation. Remember before starting a project at first you need to define the entire things that you will need, at the primary step arrange everything and after that start the task. Then you can observe that the task will be accomplished in more organized way and within your desirable time. If you do not arrange the essential things at first within time then the task may get jotted down as you are not a professional and moreover disarrangement cannot ever bring success to anything in the world.

How can you decorate the bedroom?

Do you like to stay close with green or ocean? Take time and think what would be your choice if you are offered to visit to the serene countryside or tranquil ocean? If your preference is green countryside then to add the sensation of the countryside you can implement wooden floor.

How to decorate wooden floored room?

There are several online sites from where you can the images as well as ideas over the wooden floor that can soothe your eyes, now come to the wall. There are several sorts of wooden floors like red wine, acacia, oak coffee, American walnut. But remember the name can be different for different companies. If your room is small in size then it is suggested to select light colored floor. If you are unwilling to spend much money over the costly room colors then you can choose decorative wall sticker that goes well with the rest of the room’s design. These wall stickers come in affordable price and you can insert them without any helping hand.

Windows play vital role in the look of a room

A green space becomes more beautiful when it come under the exposure of sun; hence take special care while making the windows of the wooden floored room. The windows must be spacious and implement glass as a guard over the windows. Though it’s a time-honored idea but embedding shelves into the wall is a space-saving idea. If you want to decorate your room with small showpieces, then you may entrench shelves inside the wall, you can also add a swivel doors in order to have the freedom of hiding and showing your personal collection of showpieces.

Never ignore while implanting the lighting system

Now concentrate on the lighting system of the room, your entire effort may go into vain if you do not insert proper light that can enhance the serene beauty of the room, lampshade that comes with wooden stand is the appropriate coordinator for the ambience of such rooms. You can insert tiny lamp shaded by umbrella shaped guard from the ceilings. The surrounding will become incredibly beautiful and it will also take the ambience to its cutting-edge part.

Now what should be the color and ambience of your bed rooms if you have inclination towards the serene sea beaches with the bustling roar of the sea? Then white or sky blue must be the theme color of the room. White rooms do not only provides the sense of tranquility, with proper lighting it gives you the freedom of creating ambience at different time, if you embed tiny, star shaped lights all over the ceilings your bedroom will turn into the starry space that is blessed by the beam of sophisticated rays. To be the flower child you can add different color into the beams of the room like purple, pink. Black always defies strong personality that’s why if you choose the black colored room decorating items it will provide bold look to your rooms as well as to your persona. As I mentioned before windows play a crucial role you can experiment with the windows and doors, but remember the room must get enough sun exposure in order to explore the real beauty of the room.


With a view of excellence and with the aspiration to design your own room you can perform the entire task with ease. Avant-garde materials are here to help you to make the job easier, you just need to find out the proper as well as durable materials from the online sites and the DIY websites are there to show you the way in order to assist in accomplishing the task. If you can get stuck somewhere then watch the videos that they broadcast, and these videos clearly demonstrates each and every steps. Hence stop stressing yourself to accumulate money as the payment of designers and start your own journey today.